GruntPosterPowerPlay is a 3 on 3 arcade style hockey game that differs from modern hockey games in many areas. Instead of standard rules and penalties, there will be power-ups and environmental effects. Additionally, instead of three periods for a game, each game will consist of a single 3 minute period. To give the players an advantage over the opposition, power ups and captain special abilities will be rewarded based on certain events and outcomes during a match. To impede both teams during play, environmental effects may occur, which will have the players reacting quickly to avoid these harmful situations. Shooting will be a semi-aiming control scheme. Players will be able to choose whether to shoot low, mid, or high. There will be multiple shooting points within each region that the shot will go towards. Another unique aspect this game will have is during face-offs, there will be a quick time event that will display 4 buttons that the character has to hit in sequential order. The player that hits the buttons the fastest will gain possession of the puck.

Lastly, an explanation on how fighting will work. After a big hit, there will be a random chance of a fight being initiated. Once it has been initiated both players will need to accept the fight to begin. It will be a button masher, the button will always change fight by fight (A, B, Y, X), so no player will have an advantage.