PowerPlay is an arcade ice hockey game being conceptlogodeveloped for PC and Console using Unity.

Classic 3 on 3 hockey with a twist! Use power-ups and special abilities to help you crush the competition.

Currently in development.

Check out the main page!

Android App Icon Paid Hi-Res

Steak Stack is a physics based puzzle game made for mobile using Unity.

Stack steaks as high as you can, and be sure not to let it topple!

Released on July 22 2017 to Google Play, planning on an iOS release. Get it here! Paid or Free.


Chilly Wings is an endless runner being developed for mobile using Unity.

Slide on ice to dodge and jump over obstacles, and watch out for hunters!

Planning on release to Google Play and iOS.

RevisedCOnceptLogoLab4 is a competitive co-op maze runner game being developed for PC and Console using Unity.

Race against the clock and your friends to collect more objectives than them and win!

Currently in pre-production.