PowerplayLogo-3PowerPlay is a 3 on 3 arcade style hockey game that differs from modern hockey games in many areas. Instead of standard rules and penalties, there will be power-ups and environmental effects.

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The game will consist of a few different modes, quick play, championship journeychallenge mode, and Tutorial mode allowing the players to play locally or against AI. With all these different game modes we hope to entertain all players!

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The captain will be the main goal scorer and the source of a team’s chemistry. They are the momentum changers. All captains will be taller than average sized grunts so the players can recognize who their captain is during play. Captains will also have higher stats and unique abilities that are linked to their specific play styles.

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Defence-01To create more variety for players we have created multiple teammates to choose from. The offensive style of grunt will always think offence first, slow on the back check but a force to be reckoned with on offence. The defensive style of grunt will always think defense first, guarding the net is their primary job. The balanced style of grunt will think of the best play at the right moment, never over  committing, they are the ultimate two way players. 

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ArenaSelectTo ensure that every game can be unique, we are adding over 10 different types of arenas. Each with their own unique environmental effects that will test player’s reflexes. Player will have to learn how to utilize and ultimately master the correct play style.

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FlameWPYou can gain power ups when you get “big hit” by the opposing team. Each captain will have their own ability which is specifically tailored to their play style. Based on the arena the game is being played in, different events can occur. 

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Dangler-01Each character will have their stats broken down into 5 categories that will each have 3 subcategories. Each stat will have a ranking from 1 star to 5 stars. The 5 main categories are Shooting, Skating, Puck Skills, Defence, and Physical. The subcategories are Accuracy, Power, preference to Wrist Shots  or Slap Shots, Speed, Agility, Endurance, Deking, Passing, Control, Blocking, Stick Lift, Poke Check, Checking, Fighting, and Strength.

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